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Men of Valor challenges men from all walks of life to reach their full potential in Jesus Christ. Whether it be through a men’s breakfast, prayer group, or just a few brothers talking over a good cup of coffee, DPWC is dedicated to instilling within men the qualities that transform them into the Godly men needed today in the home, community, church and wherever the call of God may take them around the world.

Men of Valor is committed to equipping and training men from all walks of life, from all over the world to respond to the call of God and fulfill their part in the vision of Dwelling Place Worship Center. In Men of Valor you will find not just friendship, but friendship with a purpose.

In Men of Valor, fellowship amongst brothers plays a vital part of the ministry. Whether it is through camping, fishing, or games etc. men are experiencing true fellowship and encouragement in Christ. Fun and laughter accompany our vision to reach people for Christ.

It could be at a local church event, the Men of Valor are being challenged to go from the ordinary to the extraordinary. To become like Christ is the goal for the Men of Valor.

At our fellowship meetings men gather together for a time of prayer, worship and a special time in the word of God from their Pastor’s and leaders. It is a time when unity in Christ, camaraderie and a sense of purpose is established and reinforced among the Men of Valor.









"The Lord is with you you Mighty Men of Valor!” Judges 6:12

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